The "Design-Build-Test" Loop


Aeropunk is DIY aviation: designing, building, and flying your own aircraft.


Aluminum structures, composite layups, plumbing, wiring. Learn as you go.


The critical flight test phase: plan accordingly, manage risk, expand the envelope.


Analyze test data, note discrepancies, propose solutions. Rinse and repeat.

What is Aeropunk?

Aeropunk is DIY aviation – building and flying your own aircraft. The term “punk” has become synonymous with the DIY ethic in art, lit, and tech, with an emphasis on shunning consumerism in favor of ingenuity and creativity. It's “punk aeronautics” – aeropunk, for short.

  • Experimental Category
  • Van's RV-8F Fastback
  • Lycoming IO-360 Engine
  • Amateur-Built
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Tailwheel Configuration

So Who Are You Guys?

Builders' Log : Recent Posts

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  29 Oct 2016
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Project Update
  23 Aug 2015
Wherein progress is made, photos or no.Read More →

Mostly Irrelevant Street Cred

This is what homebuilding is: hacks and hacking and finding the solution. Sweetness.

Small-Craft Sea-Farer

You guys are bad asses! Please take me for a ride when you are done!

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